It was a whirlwind yesterday in the office. We started offering nasal ozone therapy to anyone free of charge curbside. Ozone kills infection. Though there is no specific data available yet on COVID19, other coronoviruses have responded well to ozone, go here. Ozone has a superior safety profile compared to other therapies. Even intravenous ozone has a complication rate of .7/100,000. That’s it, includes even the mild complications. That’s better than any medication I have ever prescribed.

What do people say intranasal ozone feels like? “There was a tingle, but that was it!” DU, Holland, TX. It can open the sinuses and clear the passages. It is great for sinusitis, “ozone is a slam dunk for sinus infections,” says Frank Shallenberger, MD HMD. Ozone is great for all infections including viruses, bacteria and parasites. Here is a reference published here.

Most of the people who have succumb to COVID19 have died of pneumonia in combination to other diseases, such as heart or lung disease, or diabetes. If we can kill the viruses in the nasal passages, we can decrease the passage into the lungs.

Emerging evidence of use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID19 patients is promising. Early studies available March 13th suggested prevention benefits as well in South Korean and China studies. Based upon the preliminary studies, and long track record for its use in other diseases, we were utilizing this beneficial therapy in our patients until it became unavailable.

Now, we turn to Ozone therapy. So, why doesn’t anyone ever talk about this?

Ozone cannot be patented. It’s cheap and effective.

There is no incentive to study it. So, in spite of millions of patient use worldwide over 50 years, the word about ozone doesn’t get out.

I’m trying to get the word out.


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