Shelley G. Cole, M.D., April 10, 2020

Calling on you, will you be a part of the COVID19 solution?

We are now formally participating in an international study for the prevention of COVID19.

Scientist need to know what works at prevention of COVID19 virus and you can help. I’m told that we are off to a great start, but we need more people!

We want to do our part, so all our services are free for COVID19 prevention to the public during the Pandemic. We are also trying to work on free laboratory testing. The good new is most people do not need laboratory testing. Please note, we cannot incur any prescriptions costs.

For those previously evaluated, in keeping with strict research protocols generated by Johns Hopkins University, your personal information is not passed onto researchers, only non-identifiable information will be utilized.

We and other researchers want to find solutions available now to stop the pandemic. That means, preventing the disease, especially those who are at great risk, but we want anyone who is willing to participate. We need more information about preventing COVID19, that’s where you come in.

Starting March 16th, we were assessing patients to determine if they were candidates for preventive doses of medications for COVID19. With the announcement nationally about the benefits of the medication hydroxychloroquine on March 19, pharmacists in Texas stopped filling prescriptions for prevention of COVID19. Our last prescription filled was on March 24th.

We believe there are affordable, safe and effective treatments available now. As you know, hydroxychloroquine has been on the market for over 70 years. Studies, and here, are ongoing all over the world with its use in treatment of COVID19. Others are waiting for costly pharmaceuticals, like vaccines to be the answer. We want to know how to prevent COVID19, not just treat it.

We need an affordable, safe & effective means to prevent the infection now.

We need anyone who wants to help answer the questions about COVID19. Contact the office.

What are we offering?

COVID19 Assessment by Dr. Cole or her assistant.

This is a brief assessment to determine if you are at high risk for COVID19, and if you are an appropriate candidate to use prevention solutions available.

If someone who is identified at high risk or having COVID19, we will also assist. But, if additional services beyond our scope are needed, we cannot assume cost.

Pending approval: Because of our participation in a national study, we are awaiting approval by the state of Texas to write prescriptions for medications if indicated. 

For those individuals who were not able to get their prescription filled previously, let us know so we can contact you directly regarding options that are available.

So, is there anything else that can be done now to prevent viruses?

Yes, nasal ozone therapy helps clear viruses in the nasal passages. That’s important because the majority of the people who get pneumonia due to viruses, have it enter through the nose.

We are currently offering free nasal ozone for all ages. Curbside service, just stay in your car, no need to come in the office.

At present we are able to offer twice weekly nasal ozone therapy for prevention. For more information on this, go here or here.

We have more information on ozone therapy here and here. Outside our website, there is information here. Dr. Cole is also a member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy, go here for more information.

Contact the office for more information.

So what do I do next?

Call the office to schedule a telephone appointment (254) 773-4900 with Dr. Cole. You may need to leave a message on the voicemail box (#1 or #4).

Once we collect some information from you, we will have Dr. Cole (or assistant) call when available, then recommendations will be made.

If medications are appropriate, Dr. Cole will contact you when available to have electronically filled at your local pharmacy. You will be responsible for any costs. The last prescriptions filled for a 90 supply costs ~$12.

If Ozone therapy is indicated, this service is offered in Temple, TX. You will receive an appointment and receive the treatment at your car. The treatment will be curbside. This service is free during COVID19 Pandemic. We recommend twice weekly nasal ozone treatments.

Dr. Cole (or her assistant) will administered the ozone via the nostrils. It is quick and painless. Watch here.

FYI, Dr. Cole tested negative for COVID19 and has been on prevention therapy ever since. Any staff assisting are on preventive medications.

Your identifiable personal data will not be disclosed to the researchers.

We have always been committed to your health, that’s is nothing new. We just want to do our part. Now its time to get back to work again! Call the office if you need more information.

I am…(and have been for a long time)

committed to your health,

Dr. Shelley

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