Immediate Release: July 30, 2020

Since mid June we have had national data for the US, and we no longer need to rely on international data.

The CDC has now concluded a death rate of .26%, that is less than the 2019 or 2018 flu season. Great news.


What are my chances of dying from COVID-19 if I get it?

>65 1/500
44-64 1/2500
25-44 1/16,666
<25 1/250,000
What is the most effective way to lower the death rate for >65 those at the highest risk?

In order to lower the risk of exposure for those >65, those not at risk, should get the disease. Then that low risk individual can no longer contract or carry the disease. They are immune.

So then, should our goal still be to prevent COVID-19?

That is on an individual basis. We should prevent the disease only in those people that the death rate is not acceptable. Personally, I still think 499/500 are pretty good odds, but some may not.

Are you talking about herd immunity?

Yes. What we want is the longest lasting immunity in those at low risk. Immunity from actually getting the disease, not a short lived rushed vaccination. By this boost in immunity, you also lower your risk for cancer and other infectious diseases. There are studies that show we may already have 80% T-cell immunity to COVID-19 in the US which has been shown to confer 17-18 years of protection. That cold you had last Fall, is protecting you from COVID-19 nowl Sorry, no time to expand on this right now.

Dr. Cole, can you get to the bottom line give your recommendation, please?

We all should boost our immune system, go to my blog to learn more about this “The Ten Commandments to stay safe while we reopen.” The bottom line is we should let the kids go back to school (1/250,000) open up society and encourage people to get the disease who can tolerate their death rate risk. For those who consider their death rate not tolerable;

…Remember, your risk for cancer is now 1/3 for women and 1/2 for men why aren’t we focusing on that?…but COVID-19 has prevented cancer screening..

In addition to boosting your immune system, you should consider prevention with medications. Which leads me to my final point of this correspondence.

The State of Texas Board of Pharmacy moratorium to not allow prescriptions of Hydroxychloroquine for prevention is expired. I can now write prescriptions again.

I will consider this prescription on a case by case basis. You have to call and set up an appointment. I will take a thorough history and make recommendations for you specifically.

I will prioritize those who are already COVID-19 positive who are not receiving care elsewhere. (hard to imagine but it is happening)

Don’t want to spend a lot of time on proving the safety efficacy and affordability… just had someone get a 3 month supply of prevention HCQ for $8.30…but if you want to dive deep into the science here you go, 39 peer reviewed studies, 65 overall. More studies on the way. What does the data conclude?

Early treatment with Hydroxychloroquine
is highly effective.

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Dr. Shelley

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